Product Obsession


Humble Brag: Volume Spray

Get ready to "Humble Brag" your way to gorgeous hair with our new volume spray mist. Andrea does lots of styling and this is her go-to product on her clients. It isn't heavy yet has real holding power. Great for va-va-voom blowouts or beachy waves styles.

The Struggle Is Real: Dry Shampoo

Sometimes...the struggle IS real when it comes to shampooing. Can you relate? Sometimes you want to look your best but you don't have time - or really feel like - shampooing and blowdrying your hair. Dry shampoo is the answer!! At Whip Salon we love to stay current playing with all the latest products so we can educate you on the tricks of the trade. Erin told us that "The Struggle Is Real" dry shampoo is her go-to product for extending a blowout or shampoo for the next day (or two or three).

Sorry Not Sorry: Dry Texture Spray

Sorry Not Sorry that your hair is going to look AMAZE with our new dry texture spray. Laura, our resident product expert and stylist from @whipsalon Westport, says she uses it to style the popular beachy waves look on her clients. It helps with creating piecey locks with natural movement and isn't hard like normal hairspray. And because of the forgiving nature of the product you simply can't get it wrong.

"Very friendly stylist. She really took time to listen to my hair styling needs. She also took the time to help me understand how to use certain products and explain things to me as a first time client."

Christina M.

"Stylist did a great job with my blowout. The shampoo and styling products were unusual and effective. The ambiance of Whip Salon is upbeat and current. The receptionist was extremely accommodating both on the phone when I booked the appointment and when greeting me."

Susan D.

"Great service, stylist listened to my requests and followed through. Lovely and chic salon!"

Aubrey S.